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What exactly does Snow Warning do? I know it "summons a hailstorm in battle", but what exactly does it do? What are it's affects?

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>Snow Warning will summon a hailstorm in battle. Its effects are the same as Hail but, instead of lasting for five turns, it lasts for the whole battle until replaced. -Bulbepedia

Snow Warning summons a hail storm.

It's like the move Hail, but instead of 5 turns, it's until another weather move/ability replaces it.

Abomasnow and Snover are the only Pokemon with Snow Warning

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A hail storm is a weather condition, it damages every type but ice each turn and boost accuracy of ice type moves. Snow Warning starts this weather no matter what unless, someone else with an ability such as drought which starts sun gets send out after the pokemon with snow warning.

This kinda helps this move talks about if you use this moce, it starts hail for 5 turns. If you use Snow Warning, it last forever.

This has the Description of Snow Warning

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When a Pokemon with snow warning is sent into battle it summons the hail weather effect; the only Pokemon with snow warning are abamasnow and snover.

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there are pokemon with that ability but with other weather's like: sunny day,sand storm,hail and rain