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i want to find more pokemon and fast,some people say you need a shiny pokemon with the attack mimic and bla,bla,bla, and the ditto changes to shiny etc,etc,etc on pokemon black,the only point to find a ditto is in the gaint chasm.


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  1. Every day, the swarm changes. Just wait a day. Or set the clock 1 day ahead.
  2. The chance of finding a shiny 1/8192.
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i tried that of changing the day,dosen't work
you have 1/784 if you use a pokemon shiny with mimic,but i don't know where is the TM or i don't know how to teach normaly the move mimic to 1 of my shiny pokemon ._.
mimic thing is not true
so you want a shiny pokemon but you first need a shiny pokemon to catch it?
Your contradiction is PURE genius. Also, it is not true :/

To change the time, make 23:59on your clock and turn it on in 1 minute.
Then wait for that 1minute to pass and go out of the building or such to reset.
i find a shiny solrock on the giant chasm :D on my DS
kangmin7 i think your coment/anwser cn work...,also i whas training my pokemon on the giant chasm,kadabra lvl 31 and my lucrio lvl 54,i whas looking how to get that shiny ditto on internet so i decided to do that of have 1 pokemon shiny with mimic,not worked (you are right doc),then i decided to do that of reset the DS doing these: L+R+SELECT+START=RESET. it worked! i found  shiny solrock,it's all red exept the sunshine's and the eyes,the eyes are blue.thanks for that kangim7