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Is there a max level a Pokemon can't be trained past? Everything talks about lv 100 as if it's the max. Is it? Could a trainer have a lv. 101 Pokemon?

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NO! THe ONLY way to get above level 100 is by Hacking which screws up your game and You regret life and yada yada so if you somehow see a pokemon above level 100 in the wild you probably hacked or its a glitch

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Yes,you can have a level 255 pokemon with some glitches only in Gen 1.

By exploiting the old man glitch in Generation I, a Pokémon can be acquired at a level higher than 100. Also in Generation I, any Pokémon can also be raised to a level above 100 via the Pokémon merge glitch; however, Pokémon in the Slow experience group need to be merged with a glitch Pokémon who requires even more experience at level 100. These Pokémon can continue to be leveled up with Rare Candies until level 255. Whenever a Pokémon over level 100 gains any amount of experience, its level will revert to 100, and if a Rare Candy is fed to a level 255 Pokémon, it will revert to level 0.

The old man glitch.
Pokemon Merge glitch.
Glitch Pokemon.


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No, it is impossible, Level 100 is the maximum. I think this question has already been asked, if i am not mistaken.

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Actually, no it hasn't. I checked!
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Level 100 is the max. You dont have to hack to get lvl 100 but it will take a loonnngggg time. Once your pokemon reach lvl 100 they just dont get anymore xp

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