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I logged to seriibi.net and I saw the type (shadow) only for moves not for poke type so im asking what is the deal with shadow moves is it real or why there isnt shadow moves in this site?

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Those are referring to the Shadow moves known by shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD, both for the Gamecube.

Pokemon's hearts are closed by these evil orginizations, and with that, they become posessed with an ominous power that controls them.

This means that the pokemon learn Special moves that take advantage of this strange power. These Shadow moves are Super-effective to every Pokemon, have no PP capacity, and can put your Pokemon into a strange status ailment called "Hyper Mode" ("Reverse Mode" for Pokemon XD.)

This Ailment doubles the Critical-Hit Rate of Shadow Moves, but you take recoil damage at the end of every turn.

You can also heal these Shadow Pokemon to restore them to their original form, by means of battling with them, walking around, etc. (Think of it as the Happiness factor in normal Pokemon games.)

Anyway, that's my HUGE article on Shadow Pokemon. :P

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These moves are from shadow pokemon, from colosseum and XD. They are attacks only shadow pokemon can learn, and since you can't trade shadow pokemon, these moves are exclusive to those 2 games.


(They are attacks only shadow pokemon can learn)
??there is shadow type or what did you mean?
They have no advantages or weaknesses., it's like the move curse, they are in their own category.
Oh tnx.............