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A friend told me that I can get a gift pokemon for my birthday.. How do I do that?

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I hope someone updates they are giving victini now the virtuoso one

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this should help


scroll down to the togekiss

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On your birthday, if you talk to nurse Joy, I believe she will give you a birthday cake prop for the Pokemon musicals(not sure if this is true so if someone will test it they will know for sure and tell you). I also know that there is a place that is usually foggy, but on your birthday it isnt foggy. It is a reallly pretty place and i think it has a waterfall but i forgot the name. I read this in the Pokemon Black and White guide book. Im really sorry I don't know the place. but I hope this helped! ;)

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When it was my birthday I went to heal my pokemon and Nurse Joy asked me if it was my birthday and I said yes. She said "happy birthday" and to come to the pokemon center for many more years to come.
She didn't give me anything, but thats ok! :)