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In the Elite 4.

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Why do you need a ghost and a dark type to defeat shuantal?
Because Ghost-Dark types are super affective against ghost types and ill need all the help i need to defeat the elite four.

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Yes, there is.

Sableye and Spiritomb.

However, you don't need these to defeat the Elite 4. Dark moves and Ghost moves are super-effective against Ghost-types, so anything that is Dark OR Ghost type will be an advantage, e.g. Chandelure, Scrafty, Krookodile and so on.

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Your better bet is to get a dark type such that it will be a double edged sword against Shikimi also known as Shauntal in the English version and Caitlin also known as Cattleya in the Japanese version. You may want to get a Krookidile so that Caitlin's Gothitelle will not be able to do any damage to you except for using Calm Mind. In addition, it will be very helpful to train up to low to mid 60s so one can land one to three hit knockouts within ten minutes. However, take caution if your pokemon was not infected with the Pokemon Virus prior to training then stats and EVs may be of hindrance.