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A while ago I started getting more interested in Pokemon and in-depth gameplay, which obviously led me into competitive battling.
So I browsed through the Smogon introduction but it left some gaps. Probably cause it expected you to have battled with WiFi before and know something about battling. So I was wondering if you could answer some questions ?

-Is there any good sites that have guides for total newbies ?

-I've never done a WiFi battle. Is it only possible against your friends or people who know your friend codes ? Plus any tips on how to find people to battle against would be appreciated.

-Do the rules Smogon posted apply for WiFi battles ? Also do you need all the Pokemon in your team to be in one tier only (eg. OU) ?

-Is the only way of competitive battling running simulations ?

Thought I'd ask all the questions in the same post, if that's wrong: sorry !


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Ok, it's very good you started competitive battling. Though, Wi-Fi isn't the best! I recommend Pokemon Online or also known as PO. You need to download it so here is the link:

If you are not allowed to download, i also recommend Showdown.
You do not need anything for Showdown but the gameplay is inferior to PO.

Wi-Fi battles are possible against Friends or People who know your Friend Code. That is basically why a Friend Code exists.

Smogon tiers and rules are mostly made for battle simulators such as PO and Showdown but they CAN also apply to Wi-Fi battles.

Smogon University has guides for newbies with EVs, Natures, Movesets and such.

I do not really understand your last question but i guess i answered everything else you needed!

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Cheers, that cleared it out. :>
And don't worry about the last question, now that I re-read it, it does sound a bit silly, and you answered it, kind of. Was just wondering if there is any competitive battling done through Wifi or only by simulations like PO. From what I understood, not really. :p