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Not Smogon because from what I'm seeing, the side of Pokemon that matters to me is focusing on double battles. Smogon unfortunately does not support anything other than singles which is boring me.

I also want to stray away from Smogon' ideals. Since they're not official, I don't want to base my everything regarding Pokemon on their rules like everyone else does.

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There is a section on Meta section where you can apply for being a tutor. If you want tutoring in Doubles there are users who do that. I myself am one. Another who might teach you is AlphaDraconis.

I'll get you a link here in a few moments.

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There's the link. Just answer according to the rules on the question, and a tutor will reply saying they can teach you. And the battle server Pokemon Showdown has a Double battle format, which is what I use.
I'm sure this will help a lot of new people. Thanks