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i did a triple/double battle and two of my Pokemon faint then I am unable to switch out with then bc I tried to I selected a Pokemon and I tried to with another and it said "(pokemons name) cant be switched out" what is going on?

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No its not its how the battles are designed. When two or more Pokemon faint at once during a Triple or Rotation Battle theres a special way you have to switch the Pokemon in. First click the Pokemon you want to send in, after you selected which one you wanted to send in select one of the fainted Pokemon you want to switch out. This will allow the first fainted Pokemon can switch out. Next select the next Pokemon you want to switch in then repeat the process again.

Heres an clearer example:

  1. You enter a Triple battle with a team of six against a opponent
    with a team of 3.
  2. Your team is Samurott,Electirivir,Crobat,Espeon,Conkeldurr, and Krookodile. Your opponent has Flareon,Leafeon, and Espeon.
  3. His Pokemon are faster and your Samurott and Crobat faints. His Flareon Faints.
  4. You want to send in your own Espeon and Conkeldurr.
  5. You select Espeon first then you click on Samurott's Sprite and Espeon will take the Samurott's spot.
  6. You then select Conkeldurr and it will automatically switch it in since there is only one spot left.
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I know the problem. Not a glitch though.

When two Pokemon faint, you will be asked to switch a new Pokemon in. Tap that Pokemon, and tap one of the fainted Pokemon. The Pokemon you selected will appear in the fainted Pokemon's place. Do the same for the second Pokemon.

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Haha i witnessed the same issue and was stuck for 15mins panicking lol
oh lol i just tap two pokemon that didn't faint