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Is it a good idea to use slow bro and slowking in double battle or rotation battle with mix sweeper mega lucario. Strat slowbro to to tank physical slow king to sank special and mega lucario to use special and physical attacks to attack opponents will the slows support with screens.
My move sets.
Slowbro @mystic water
Ability regenerator if it works in rotation
Slack off
slowking @light clay
Ability regenerator
Light screen
Lucario @mega stone
Aura sphere
Close combat
Calm mind
Bulk up

Is this a good stratagy?

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Surely this is a RMT question?
Let the mods decide that
I don't see how it couldn't be
Yeah, this looks like something for the RMT.
It's not a full team
The RMT is for rating teams only. This question belongs on the Pokebase.

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I think this belongs in the RMT, but meh.


Change his item to either Leftovers or Sitrus Berry. Mystic Water isn't really doing anything and these two let Slowbro stay in the game longer.


Replace Toxic with Fire Blast. HAving two Toxic 'Mons is generally a waste of a moveslot, and Fire Blast helps round out your coverage.

Mega Lucario

Close Combat? Yes. Aura Sphere? Sure. Bulk Up? No. Calm Mind? No. MLuke is meant to be an all-out attacker, and if you want to run a mixed set I would suggest Close Combat / Bullet Punch / Hidden Power [Ice] / Earthquake, and focus his stats more on the physical side.

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Slowbro + Slowking sucks period.
I hope you mean together..
Yes ofc :P
True dat, Guillotine.
Slowbro is ma fav <3
thanks and its not a full team so it doesn't belong on rate my team.
does regenerator work in rotation battles though?