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Espeon (M) @ (No Item)
Trait: Synchronize
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Psychic
- Calm Mind
- Shadow Ball
- Signal Beam

If I am using PO correctly, It says that my Espeon has 30 IVs in Def, HP, Speed, and SAtk. SDef and Atk are perfect. I got this from my friend, who before that got it off GTS. I think this thing has to be hacked for sure....Something is definitely fishy here. What are the chances of getting an Eevee with this IV set?

Actual Stats:

HP: 270
Atk: 150
Def: 155
SAtk: 295
SDef: 248
Spd: 255
(This is an in-game Espeon.)

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If he got it from GTS, chances are is that it could be hacked. Or someone could have used a heart scale to get the moves he wants. Otherwise the stats are legit.

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It may be, but do you know whether or not it has EVs on it? It is possible that this Espeon has a bunch of EVs all over the place and low IVs and thus giving the illusion that it has high IVs. Also Calm nature is not that good for Espeon, Timid or Modest would be better. I am pretty sure it is legit with info you gave me. Is there anything else strange about it? What kind of ball was it in? Was it also shiny?

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*It was shiny.
*It has a couple of EVs in Attack that were probably in there by accident, but I see no other sign of EVs...
*...I should have known this right off the bat, I didn't see the Master Ball there ;)

Results: Most likely hacked.
And one more question: What would be the chances of finding a shiny Eevee with that set of IVs? I will give BA to the person who answers this part of the Q.
The odds are 32^6 which is 1 in 1,073,741,824 to find any specific combination of IVs. BTW Shiny means it may have been hacked, too find out if it had any other EVs give it EV reducing berries (if you do not want to waste them save before using them), and the Cherish ball would be the one that gives it away as a hack not Master ball.
...You can't find Eevee in the wild. Obvious hack there! EVERY legit Eevee should be in a Pok'e Ball.
You can find Eevee in the wild. They're in D/P/Pt in Backlot's Garden.
Speed, you really aren't supposed to give BA unless it's at least a month old.
"You can select answers for other people's questions. This should only be done on old questions (i.e. months old), and only where there is a clear best answer."
I use TGarden so seldom now I forgot, thanks mew
I'll do you the favor SF