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This mentions a way to use the ability.
> When a physical threat switches out of Skarmory, Skarmory uses Swords Dance on the switch and doubles its attack power. When it takes damage, Weak Armor causes Skarmory to lose Defense and gain Speed. Its natural bulk allows it to take a few hits even with the Defense drop, and soon it has the Attack and Speed to sweep the opponent’s team

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Well lets say you have a garbodor. Well this isn't really the best way but if you ev train your garbador in defense then you still have some defense when it gets attacked, while it is also getting the speed boost.

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A small gimmick would be to use the skarmory trick Riles mentioned, but in a double battle, or against something like a Cloyster, you could use a weak move like Fury Swipes to deal in multiple boosts. A similar strategy works with the ability justified and the move Beat up.

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