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>There are two types of honey trees, normal trees and Munchlax trees. Munchlax trees produce rarer Pokémon more often than normal trees as well as having a chance to produce Munchlax, which normal trees do not have. Only four of the 21 honey trees in the game are Munchlax trees; unfortunately, however, nobody can tell you which ones they are or calculate it for you, because they are determined at the start of your game from your "secret ID", a random number there is no way to access during normal gameplay. Barring the normal/Munchlax tree distinction, the trees are functionally completely interchangeable; SOURCE.

The SID determines your "munchlax trees."

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How do you put that red column next to the paragraph. Oh and where did you get the info?
Put a ">" then type.. (>Something like this.) & I added a source for you.. >__>
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