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ive already discovered zekrom,thundrus zoroark,mewtwo(via trade) on pokemon white how do i find the rest?

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zoroark is not a legendary

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Tornadus, Reshiram = trade (Landorus = optional)

Cobalion = teach a pokemon Flash to make this search easier, the first 2 floors need Flash, the third floor, The Trial Chamber, is where Cobalion is. ONLY then can you get Terrakion and Virizion.

Virizion = in Pinwheel forest, you go to the place with dark grass, go through there until you see a place that leads into the forest, in other words the Rumination Field, that's where Virizion is.

Terrakion = in Victory Road, you get to the top, using Fly would be the best way, at the top go right, go to Cheren's left, use Strength on the rock and go to the far left, then up, and that's where Terrakion is.

Landorus = after getting Thundurus and Tornadus go to Abundant Shrine with both of them, and have a pokemon with Waterfall, go up and down waterfalls and see a dark spot that leads into the forest, go to a weird bird house thing, there's Landorus.

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For your information, the 'weird bird house thingy' is called a shrine
you didn't even state them all -________-
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Well, you must get tornadus and reshiram from trade. After you have tornadus, put him with thunderus in your party and go to abundant shrine to get landorus. You can get kyurem by going to Giant Chasm. After the elite 4 is beaten then like Triceratops Rex said, go to Mistralton Cave to get cobalion go to victory road to get terrakion and go to pinwheel forest to get virizon. Note that you must have cobalion before virizon and terrakion. If you defeat any of these pokemon just beat the elite 4 again and go try and get them again. All of the rest you must get by trade. There are some event pokemon that haven't came out yet too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Experience

Hope this helps!! :D

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you put tornadus and thunderus in your party then you go to abundant shrine to get landorus
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Well, you can go to Mistralton Cave to the top most floor, where you find Cobalion.After that only, you get Virizion and Terrakion at Pinwheel forest and Victory Road respectively.

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