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I need a Pokemon who can learn Smart-category moves that are easy to obtain.
No trade or after nat dex Pokemon please. I need this moveset for a Pokemon Contest.

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charge always helps
I'm basically looking for a Poke who can have a set of all smart moves for contests
I already have Tough and Cute
Try Luxray. I used him and made it to a master rank. Not sure if he was for smart or cool. I really need to find my Platinum.

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Well... Might I suggest a Ralts or its evolutions?

[email protected] Any Item
Calm, Gentle, Sassy, or Careful
-Grass Knot
-Calm Mind

Grass Knot and Confusion grab an easy 4 hearts apiece. Psychic is for if you do poorly, or if you simply get first somehow. Calm Mind is support. The natures make sure it can get the most boosts from the bitter berries. Found on Routes 208 and 209.

Any other? I have a Gallade that made me hats their evolution line.
choose your moves from here and use the moveset searcher.