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The sounds that make pokemon appear in certain areas.

There is this thing called a pokeflute i'm too lazy to get details so thats why this is a brief comment XP

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>The Radio function also works when the Pokégear is not in use, allowing the player to play tunes from a specific radio show when on the move. Some tunes even affect how wild Pokémon appear, notably in HeartGold and SoulSilver, when Ben from the Pokémon Music Channel occasionally broadcasts the Hoenn Sound or Sinnoh Sound to allow the player to attract wild Pokémon native to Hoenn or Sinnoh.

So basically, sometimes a song comes on from the Pokemon Music Channel that attracts wild Pokemon from Hoenn or Sinnoh. Use the Radio function on the Pokegear.

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Edit was just correcting a typo. Sinnph to Sinnoh.
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