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Kingdom, it has nothing to do with Rating, IMO.
Look around for the legendary Pokemon.
One's I've found that have great overall stats (3/4/5 stars) are Rayquaza and Entei.
They're pretty good at everything, but there are other Pokemon I can't remember that also have 4/5 stars in all categories. Note that you will never find a Pokemon with perfect 5 stars in every category because I'm sure they didn't want a Pokemon with maxed stats.
I have a mew that can have 5 for each and i think arceus haz the same but not sure
is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyone going to answer?

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All pokemon with 5:5:5:5:5 stats: Ditto, Giratina origion forme, wartortle, sunkern, and arceus.

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yay thanks but i REALY don't see how sunkern can get 5:5:5:5:5 stats. Man, gamefreak is so troll.
Ha Ha yes u are correct Pika, I guess it's because all it's base stats are 30.