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This means Pokemon that CAN evolve


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Ignoring special forms (like Partner Eevee, who can't evolve anyway), here are the Top 10 1st stage Pokémon with the highest Base Stat Totals (BSTs), from greatest to least.

I apologize if this isn't formatted amazingly, because there are many ties.

In addition, this is slightly edited, as I forgot about Type: Null (Thanks SadisticMystic) & Scyther (Thanks CC)

1) Type: Null - 534 BST

2) Scyther - 500 BST

3) Misdreavus - 435 BST & Tangela - 435 BST

5) Sneasel - 430 BST & Gligar - 430 BST

7) Corsola (Johtonian and Galarian) - 410 BST & Ponyta (Kantonian and Galarian) - 410 BST

9) Murkrow - 405 BST

10) Archen - 401 BST

(Now Honorable Mentions)

11) Wailmer - 400 BST

12) Porygon - 395 BST

Also, Honerable Mentions go to Yanma and Munchlax, who both got 13th place, with BSTs of 390.

I Hope I Helped, and I am sorry if I missed something (please let me know in the comments if I got something incorrect)!


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Oh yeah jeez Lol
Imagine giving them eviolites.
I know that would be insane lol
Bunch of these pokemon are banned from LC with good reason
True, a Scyther or Type: Null with the an eviolite could probably demolish most other Pokémon with a Super-Effective hit, and could also take several hits before fainting.  I'm sure every team would contain both XD.