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None of my pokes are alowed to gain or lose any base points. I've tried berries, festival plaza food stalls, and medicines. This is my first team that I've made. Plz help lol

Maybe your EVs are max already?
Just to clarify though, are you referring to EVs or something different? What the game refers to as 'base stats', the community instead calls EVs, as base stats meant something completely separate before the game picked it up. EVs are the stat points that max out at 252 per stat and 508 total, if that description helps at all.
By the way, what happens when you try each of the things you mentioned?
Have you tried leveling them up?
Do they have a total of 510 EVs (max)?

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There a certain amount of to rasie your Pokemon Stats.

A certain amount of what? What certain amount?