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Does the Pokemon World Tournament work like the Battle Frontier/Tower/All those in that you don't get the Pokemon you see on your PokeDex?

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I saw a pic where it was like a tournament.
I can ask my friend for you. She's been to Worlds, and though it was in TCG, she'd probably heard something about the Video Gaming Championship.
This is asking about the World TOurnament feature in Black and WHite 2.
"They only had a list of banned Pokemon." Thats all I know on the situation. I'm assuming its the same for each generation.
Yea its likes a tournament with you and previous gym leaders.

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You don't get the Pokemon you see in your dex. So yes it's like the battle frontier.


They don't specify the world championships. But they say everything else. So if you put 2 and 2 together. Also you don't fill up your pokedex if you battle another human. Same on wi- fi and on battle subway, the battle institute and c gear battling.

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I feel this is right, however, could you hand me a source unless you've done it yourself and checked?
Just posted it.