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Okay, a couple of months back I asked a question about the pokemon me and my friend traded. I've yet to get another reply on that one, so I'm asking a new one.
My boldore HAS evolved into Gigalith, but it's been 2 months, and my friends Gurdurr hasn't evolved. Since then, he's leveled his Gurdurr up to Level 40, while my Gigalith is Level 57.
He has checked his game data, and there is no problem with his game.
He did use an Action Replay code for one section of his game to get Hydreigon, but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.
If you would like to see the old question, the link is here:
If you can help, or know why this has happened, please tell me. Thanks


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It may have an Everstone on it, check to see......

Other than that there may be an error in the game but it's unlikely that that happened.

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I have been checking for the past 2 months, and my friend doesn't have an everstone. Check the last question