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Okay, I just traded my Gurdurr for my friends Boldore, and this site, Pokedex 3D and the walkthroughs on youtube said if we traded these two, they would evolve. It's been 1 week now, and no eveloutions.
Is this a glitch, or doesn't it work anymore?
if you know why, please tell me!
I really want a Gigalith!


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Check to see whether they(both) are holding an Everstone, for it stops evolution, by level and trade alike. If they aren't, they're probably hacked or something. It can be a glitch if it is on a ROM, but otherwise, a glitch is very unlikely.

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They are not holding any items, and we both raised our pokemon, my Timburr from Pinwheel forest, and my friend's Roggenrola from Wellspring Cave. They are definitely not hacked
wow sorry
Okay the boldore I just got FINALLY evolved, but my friend's Gurdurr didn't. I still don't understand!