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So I was trading some Pokemon, and I traded a chatot that knows fly, and HM to my white 2 game from white. It allowed me, and I suddenly thought about what happened before. I was trading Pokemon with my black and white together, but it didn't allow me to trade Pokemon that knows HMs! I completed the main stories, and I don't hack. What is going on?

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>Similarly, using the Poké Transfer Lab, transfer is possible from Generation IV to Generation V, although as well as the limitation on HM moves, the Pokémon must not be holding any items.

>he player is also prevented from trading party Pokémon that know any HM move via Infrared Connection

Yeah it shouldn't work, you can't trade Pokemon with HM moves

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Oops I meant the pokemon learned it and traded.
The link broke
pish sorry i deleted part of that link, so obviously it wasn't going to work >.< took out the whole thing now :P
I traded HM-learned pokemon but they couldn`t be in my party.
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You cannot trade over items into a later generation with Pal Park or PokeTransfer.
For example, Defog is an HM in Sinnoh games - if you trade that over to Gen V the games don't have any data for that HM. This also applies to other items that are in Gen IV, but don't exist in Gen V.

>Pokémon are not allowed to have held items, or know any HM moves.

Hope I helped. :)