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I'm on Rt. 109, and have a magikarp and a tentacool. I don't have the good rod, HM surf or the super rod yet, only the old rod. The bronze crown on the dexnav to show that I have all obtainable Pokemon at the moment isn't there. Why? The locations page on the db says that all I can get right now is magikarp and tentacool. Is the bronze crown not showing because I have access to the good rod but am not bothered to get it now?


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Yea, the bronze crown isn't showing because you can get Wailmer from fishing (Good & Super rods).

It doesn't matter if you have the Good Rod or not yet; by experience, the bronze crown appears only if you've caught all the available Pokemon that can be obtained by one method, i.e. fishing.

Since there's more Pokemon available via fishing, regardless of whether you have the means to get that Pokemon, the dex nav is essentially telling you that you've not completely caught everything by fishing yet.

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