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I have a Banded Crobat with Double Edge on it. When I tried to battle with it, it said my team was banned. This is the error message.

  • Dracula (Crobat) can't learn Double-Edge because it's incompatible with its ability or another move.

Yes, I named it Dracula. 'Cause Golbat's a bloodsucker.

Incompatible with ABILITY?? I have its DW ability Infiltrator. I don't think that has anything to do with it.


Brave Bird

Official copy:

Dracula (Crobat) (M) @ Choice Band
Trait: Infiltrator
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Double-Edge
- U-turn
- Pursuit

Does it have it's DW ability?
Yus sir. Infiltrator is DW.

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PX's answer is true, but I know the exact problem. Crobat only gets Double Edge via Gen 3 move tutor, and I know you have this Crobat as having Infiltrator because past gen tutor moves are incompatible with DW abilities. The only way to get around this is to do one of the following.

  1. Change it's ability to its regular ability
  2. Get rid of Double Edge
  3. Play it in hackmons (Not recommended)
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ah...I understand. i'll keep my answer up but this one gets BA. I did know this lol but I didn't put it in my answer ;{
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That message said ability or another move. The second one is much more likely. this is because in game, some times you cannot gain certain egg moves if trying to get more than one by breeding because the male cannot learn both moves, so you would have to choose either move but not both. To make sure they go with the actual games, Showdown have taken note of these moves, and made it so you cannot have both of these moves. Another thing could be that with event Pokemon, or certain Dream world Pokemon, you need certain natures or such criteria to fill before allowing certain moves , so that could possibly be the case when using it's DW ability, though it is unlikely.

This happens regularly, so just change the ability and/or moves a bit until it works.

So, what would that move be that conflicts with Double Edge? Could you research that for me?
Ben is right. It's because Double Edge is a Gen 3 tutor move and you are using it's new ability.So it won't work.