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So I Bred A Level 58 Chansey w/a Level 34 clefairy and i got
7 eggs! In A row! I An NOT Lying! Is This A Glitch?
(This Has NEVER Happened Once In My Life But Now!)
They Are All Chansey Eggs :)
![][1] > ![][2]

[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/images/pages/breeding-eggs.png
[2]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/crystal/animated/113.gif

do you mean like as soon as you got the egg, another appeared?
No I Mean One Egg Came...
100 more steps...
Another Egg Came!
"The Man Says They Don't Seem To Like
Each other"
Another 100 Steps...
Another Egg!
Weird Huh?
It Is A Pre-Owned Game...
It Could Be A Hack or a
Cheat I Think.
Wow your chancey must have breeded with other pokemons then
happened i got two eggs in a row with pikachu and raichu pikachu held a light ball

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Many times you'll find those "speed layers" that never stop laying eggs, but no glitch it's just a normal pokemon thing.

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Well, this happens alot to me also. Its no glitch. They just lay eggs super fast 0_0.
If ya need moor info comment

Hope this helps! :D

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It's no glitch because Pokemon can lay lots of eggs.
By the way when it hatches it wont be Chansey, it will be Happiny, Chansey's

Hope this helps! XD

No I Hatched One It Is A CHANSEY
So You See you Will Need A Luck Incense
To Get A Happiny I Don't Have A Luck incense :(