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In my DS game, I have many different strange glitches. In my diamond game, I can catch as much arceus as I want in Spring Path and can catch all the regis. In my Platinum game, I can buy rare candies and master balls along with refighting trainers (except for gym leaders) as much as I can. Strangely enough, my Pokemon pearl game isn't glitched.

This was not hacked; I have no devices that can hack these games. This was how I bought it. I could go on several more pages about these hacks, but I want to get to my main question- what is this glitch? Do glitches just randomly appear in games?

Finally, I wonder if anyone has similar glitches. Please tell me, since I am dying to know. Thanks in advance.

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Your game file might have corrupted!
Corrupted save files cannot be used by the game to begin with.
Not 'save file', the files of 'game'. Got it?
Well, are you sure that you bought it from trusted stores?
The 'game file' also wouldn't run if it was corrupted (however that may end up happening).
Not the corrupt you think!
Anyway, could you please insert the image of box/catridge in this question? If you do so, we may be able to check whether it's a "hacked version" or not.
Well at least the pearl version is fine right?Play it !!

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What you've described is not caused by glitches. Glitches are known, documented, and repeatable errors that exist within the games. There is no glitch in Gen 4 that lets you catch Arceus from Spring Path or buy Master Balls (and there is zero chance that such a significant error could found by accident in 2020).

Instead, catching infinite Pokemon and purchasing rare items are exactly the sorts of features you'd expect to find in hacks/mods. In other words, your cartridge is illegitimate and the only other people who experience the same thing as you also have modified games.

So, to conclude, someone else hacked the game and then sold it to me?
Yes. (Filler)
Yes, the game is hacked.
It could also be a fake cartridge created by a third party, especially if you bought these from a seller online. Sites like EBay are known to have a lot of sellers trying to sell counterfeit cartridges.
Yes, I should have been clearer. What's happening is not some artefact of Action Replay being used on the cart in the past, or whatnot. The only way that the mods would persist like you describe is if the ROM itself has been modified; and if that's the case, then the cartridge is definitely counterfeit.