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Okay, it's been 3 months now, and I have already asked 2 questions on this subject. My first question, it solved the problem of how my Boldore wasn't evolving, but my friends Gurdurr still hasn't evolved to this day.
Okay, here are the facts:
We were not holding ANY items during the trade
My friends Gurdurr is now Level 51
My Gigalith is now Level 60
There has been no glitches in his or my game.
He's used an AR on his game, I haven't used any on mine (maybe this is the problem?)
That's all we know
If anyone can tell me what is going on, why his Gurdurr hasn't evolved yet, please do!
Here is the link to my first question on this topic:http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/66244/is-this-a-glitch-or-something


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I also think there must be something wrong with your game.Or those 2 pokemons.

Have you tested with other trade evolving pokemons(like, Karrablast and Shelment) ? Did those pokemons evolved?
If yes, why don't you try catching Timburr and Roggenrola again? Raise them(just for the test.don't put anything about EVs or other thing in your head.just give them rare candies and don't save the game) and try trading them again?
It this works, the problem lies in your previous 2 pokemons.

If no good,try trading with other friends. If it still doesn't work, try them like above and trade with those new friends again.
If nothing works, there is 90% chance that something is wrong with your game. Try testing with other friends' game cards in your DS. If this work, you should buy another game card or just keep playing without using them. If not, you know what is wrong with this. Your DS. Go and find technician to repair it/them.

(part of the rest 10% consists of using AR. I've never used it before so it might also be the problem.) Edit: For this I just found something, go check here and here.

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They have to evolve the second they are traded so as soon as you sent it over to their game its should have evolved. If it didnt there is something wrong with your games. Or maybe they were holding an everstone. Try trading again and if gurdurr doesnt evolve then its something wrong with the game.

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Unrecognizable: can you please read the 1st post he asked carefully again and also question? They have already discussed about the holding item case.
they still could have missed it. Or maybe they took them off and forgot the had the stones on.
Oh, right. You got a point there.