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Does it just make the sower pokemon faster than the faster pokemon or does it just give the slow pokemon priority?

>Slower Pokemon move first in the turn for 5 turns.

i don't get that

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I'll explain this with an example:
Musharna vs. Serperior
Turn #1
Serperior used Leaf Blade!
Let's say it does damage but doesn't kill it
Musharna used Trick Room!
Turn #2
Musharna used Psychic!

Since Musharna's speed isn't that great unless you EV train, it becomes faster with Trick Room. So basically, it causes the slower Pokémon in a battle to become faster.
Hope this helps! (-o-)

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It has to do with the Speed stat

Lowest Speed = First
Highest Speed = Last

Note: Moves like Aqua Jet, Extremespeed etc. still go first, Trick Room or not.

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>When Trick Room is activated, normal Speed priority is reversed for the move's duration. So Pokemon who usually go last will go first. -Smogon

So basically, the Pokemon that is slower will go before the the faster opponent.

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