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I started playing the game, and right now it's only me and my partner. Do you have to do something special to add members to your team?

(EOT: Explorers or Time.)

yeah, it is

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After you go to the waterfall cave(not sure if thats the name but its the dungeon you have to jump through the waterfall to get to). When you get back to the guild chimeco will tell you about her job. After that anytime you defeat a pokemon some will ask to join your team. But dont worry even if they join your team you still get exp for defeating them.

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oh, thanks. I didn't get to the waterfall cave and meet chimecho. Do you know what chapter its in?
its pretty early in the game i believe chapter 3 or 4. Btw the edit was fixing a typo
kk thanks
No problem
What are your starters dr. flame?
I got Chimchar. Then I picked Pikachu.
@Dr.Flame though the typing is the same with me (Torchic and Pikachu), a combination between Fire (Chimchar, Torchic, etc.) and Electric (Pikachu) types are s very bad matchup if you get hit with an Earthquake that hits all Pokemon in a room.