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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this site.I have read almost all Q&A of the 10 pages by clicking "Shiny" tag and I found something that hasn't asked yet. If it has already asked in somewhere, please remind me with link and I will edit this.

I'm also new with the real game console life. I'm just about to start playing so I'm still learning.

  1. Will the Masuda method work if it is like this? "I will play with two different language game cards in my DS and trade a same egg-group Pokemon by using two DS(mine and someone's in my country). breed it."

  2. Do one of the parent Pokemons need to be shiny to hatch a shiny offspring? I have read about saying "even if one parent is shiny, normal offspring can still hatch" but it's not what I want to know.

  3. I saw "stealing a trainer's pokemon's item in Gen V will return to the trainer at the end of the battle". Does that stealing also consists of Covet and Trick? or just Thief?

  4. During the shiny hunting with 1/8192 chance, can I use run away? And, what about leaving the currently searching area? According to the chaining rule, both are not allowed.
    -Such hunting can encounter any Pokemon(if it can be found there) not being in a row,right? And, the shiny that will be found also is random Pokemon,right? (just wanted to make sure)

  5. Which one has the higher chance of getting shiny? Hard resetting in front of legendary Pokemons or soft resetting in front of legendary Pokemons? (in front of legendary Pokemons is just example. also include cases like having starter and such)
    -I know all of the chances of getting shiny are 1/8192 and can be raised by Masuda method in breeding but there is no such question there so I added this. Plus, in http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Soft_resetting, it says " The term "Soft reset" is to differentiate from a "hard reset" ". I don't know whether it is just having different techniques to do or it also effects the chance.

If there is any grammar and spelling error, I'm sorry. I tried my best though.

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1: Yes. Tested.

2: No, they can be normal Pokemon or shiny Pokemon. Common Knowledge.

3: Additionally, all stolen held items will be returned to the player if the opponent manages to steal an item by using Thief or Covet. Unless it is wild, then it is permanent. (Credit to UberPwnage)

4: EDIT: All yes. Experience. EDIT: Just go here for questions about successfully chaining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb4pFqcfHtg

5: Doesn't matter. Soft Resetting is just faster (Takes you to title screen instead of turning off)

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Thanks for all the answers but about number 4, is that 'no' for all of the questions in 4?
Just a note: You only take the item permanently when it is a wild pokemon (EK: Pikachu & a Light Ball.)
thanks, Ninja and UberPwnage
You can click the check by my answer, it really helps.
Oh, sorry. Actually, I still have something to ask about your answer so I have not click the check yet.
No.2: 'No'. Do you mean I can get shiny by just having two normal parents? or do you just mean "no,the shiny won't be hatched like that".
No.4: if it's all no, then what is the different between shiny hunting by chaining and 1/8192 chance?(not telling about the using poke radar or not) I think I can encounter different kinds of pokemon. Isn't those lucky people get their shiny pokemons like that? You don't need to encounter the same pokemon in a row for 1/8192 chance hunt. And, didn't they sometimes "run away"?
I'm confused now.
hey, thank you for the link. I saw half because of our connection problem.
I see. You are misunderstanding my question so I don't get what I want. I'm asking about "during shiny hunt with 1/8192 chance". I'm not asking about "during chaining". That's why I added "According to the chaining rule, both are not allowed.", to let other knows that "I know about chaining".
May be it's my grammar mistake sorry. What if I change it into "In the chaining rule, both are not allowed."? Will it be going to misunderstand again?
Now, that's what I was expecting. thanks for the patience. :)