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I need some ideas of a good HM slave for B/W.

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Simipour, Basculin, Carracosta, and Beartic (I assume you wouldn't want to use Samurott as an HM Slave if you chose it as your starter.)

Simipour and Basculin get Cut, Surf, Waterfall, and Dive.
Carracosta gets Strength, Surf, Waterfall, Dive.
Beartic gets Strength, Cut, Surf, and Dive.

If you need a Pokemon with Fly, I would suggest either Braviary or Swanna for that role (Hydreigon gets Fly and two other HMs, but I don't think you'd want to waste it as an HM Slave).

Braviary gets Cut, Strength, and Fly.
Swanna gets Fly, Surf, and Dive.

You can get all these guys before the Elite 4, with Swanna, Carracosta, Simipour, and Basculin being obtained fairly early into the game (and Samurott being obtained at the start of the game).

It should also be noted that all the preevolutions of these Pokemon can be used as HM slaves, although note that the preevolutions of Samurott cannot learn Strength and the preevolution of Beartic cannot learn Dive. The preevolutions of Hydreigon are useless as HM Slaves, only learning Strength.

Also, Dive is obtained after the Elite 4.

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I could make Samurott eggs...
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  • Dragonite: All
  • Bibarel: All but Fly
  • Samurrot: All but Fly
  • Mew: All
  • Panpour: All but Fly and Strength
  • Simipour: All but Fly and Strength

This can help.

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Dragonite can learn every HM.
Suggested ones:

Samurott and Beartic are good choices for Cut and Dive.
Bibarel is also a good choice, because he larns all but fly. At Village Bridge.

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Although not really a HM slave, if you're interested in a Pokemon that is handy in catching Pokemon, Bisharp is a nice Pokemon for helping you cut down HP and inflict paralysis.

Right now I've got:

  • False Swipe (for cutting down the HP of Pokemon)

  • Swords Dance (for boosting False Swipe's low power)

  • Thunder Wave (to inflict a status to slow them down as well as stop their attacks a few times when paraylzed)

  • Cut (random HM that comes in useful once in a while)

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