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I got to Sunyshore City and went to buy seals, and then I talked to some lady and she said something about my Beautifly working really hard and she gave me an Effort Ribbon. What does that mean?

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If you get all 510 possible EV's on your Pokemon, you get the Effort Ribbon.

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So can I use Rare Candies until it's a Level 100?
If you want 510 EV's, then no.
huh? wait a second. You said Effort Ribbon can be obtained only when the Pokemon get ALL 510 possible EV. Then, you said "if you want 510 EV, then you can't use rare candies to Lv.100 after that". If Effort Ribbon is already obtained, isn't there any EV left to get?(I'm confused)
mew means if the pokemon has no evs you cant just raise its level with rare candies
hmm...so which means I can use rare candies if I've got the Effort Ribbon, correct? Because, Effort Ribbon is the proof that I get all possible EVs.
yes, but it is better to save it for later when leveling up is harder(unless you have unlimited amount of RC)
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It means that they have gotten all 510 EVs. Source: Experience

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