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In Smogon's strategy Pokedex, there are references in Rotom-A in the StrategyDex.
What is it?


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>Rotom-A is the collective term for the Appliance Rotom Forms. So, Rotom-H, Rotom-C, Rotom-S, Rotom-W, and Rotom-F are all forms of Rotom-A.

>When it says that Rotom-A can counter Metagross (or "Rotom-A can do whatever"), it means that there is no specific Rotom form that needs to be used, as opposed to saying "Rotom-H can OHKO Forretress with Overheat", or "Rotom-C OHKOs Swampert with Leaf Storm".

Source: Marriland/ Rotom-A (Scroll to the bottom)

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