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Which could more benefit this Charizard?

Charizard Lv.100 (M) @Charcoal
Trait: Blaze
Nature: Bashful (No stat bonus's)
EV's: 252 Spd. 252 Sp.Atk.

  • Metal Claw/Steel Wing (Which One?)
  • Heat Wave
  • Flame Thrower
  • Dragon Rage
Yes, you may suggest an new set. xD

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Are you going for a physical Charizard? Because that's not really physical. 3 special moves and 1 physical? with max. attack EVs? If you want a physical Charizard, here would be a good set:

Charizard @ Choice Band (Really, your choice for item)

Trait: Blaze
EVs: 252 Attack / 4 defense / 252 Speed
Jolly (+Spe, -SpA) or Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)

  • Steel Wing -Steel Wing is better IMO, because it's more powerful, and it's only a 5 accuracy difference from Metal Claw, which is weaker.
  • Earthquake - Earthquake is a must. it's very powerful, and it covers 2 of Charizards 3 weaknesses.
  • Dragon Dance - If you want to boost speed and attack, which i think you should, Dragon dance is good. Otherwise go with Dragon Claw.
  • Flare Blitz - This is in-game, right? If it's in-game, then go with Flare-Blitz because you can easily use a potion to heal the HP loss. If you don't want to lose HP, then Fire Fang/Punch

    Hope this Helped :D

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^ Agreed
......Charizard can learn B-Drum? SWEET!
Yup' it sure can Egg Move though T-T xD
Why steel wing put earthquake steel covers ice and rock it's fire already covers ice
Why do Dragon Dance on a choice banded Charizard?