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Why a "counter" tag?

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No, no they should not. They only absorb moves aimed at them. Though Lightning rod will pull in electric type moves aimed at partners.


When a Pokémon with Motor Drive is hit by an Electric-type move, its
Speed is increased by one stage, and the move will have no effect.
This includes the effect of activating a Cell Battery.

> Generations III and IV
> Lightningrod forces all single-target Electric-type attacks in a
> Double Battle to strike the Pokémon with this Ability. In a Single
> Battle, it will only cause the Pokémon with this Ability to always be
> hit by Electric-type moves, no matter their accuracy. Note that
> Lightningrod cannot redirect Discharge, as it targets all Pokémon.
> Lightningrod cannot redirect an Electric-type Hidden Power.
> If Follow Me is used while an Electric-type move is being used, and a
> Pokémon with Lightningrod is active, the Pokémon using Follow Me is
> hit instead. Generation V
> Along with its previous effects, Lightningrod also gives Pokémon
> immunity to all Electric-type attacks, along with the paralyzing
> effect of Thunder Wave, and raises the Pokémon's Special Attack by one
> stage whenever they are hit by one. If the Pokémon is Ground-type, its
> type-granted immunity will take place before the activation of the
> Ability's new effect and the Special Attack will not be raised unless
> it is holding a Ring Target. An Electric-typed Judgment is also not
> affected by this ability.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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