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I was wondering if someone could help me migrate pokemon from firered to soulsilver. I have tried a few times but each time I open the soulsilver menu it doesn't come up with the option of migrating. I have been to fushia city (or whatever it's called) on soul silver and have over 6 pokemon in my pc on firered. Everytime I go back into firered it has deleted the game. please help me!
thanks :)


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>Once you beat the elite four and go to Kanto, in Fucia City where the Safari game used to be, there is the Pal Park. Once you get there, you can migrate your pokemon if you have both games in your DS.-Information

You will first need a DS with a game-boy slot. Either a normal DS or a DS lite. Then when you have Soulsilver and Firered in the DS go to Fushia City and enter the Pal Park.When you talk to the man at the counter this should start up a process of migrating your Pokemon from Firered to Soulsilver. Repeat this process until you get all your desired Pokemon. If this doesnt work for you there is something messed up with one of your games.

Thanks but yeah I have tried that.
if it doesnt work then one of your games is messed up
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Has your internal battery run dry in Fire Red? Or has anything that does not belong been forced inside the cartridge at all? Because after a few years the battery inside the cartridges that are required for saving games will go flat and you will no longer be able to save the game.
I think that's what's happened when you said "Everytime I go back into firered it has deleted the game."

You can buy new batteries from any of those electrical shops and they're not very expensive (In Australia that is) I don't know about whatever country you're from but they should be similarly easy to replace.