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Im new to this ability but i dont see how it works does delcatty get stab on every move and if ground attacks become normal can they hit flying types and levitaters also how does she hit ghosts?


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1.)She does get Stab on any damaging move she uses.

2.)Yes ground type attacks will be able to hit Flying Type Pokemon and Levitating Pokemon,Because with her ability the Typing of the move will be a Normal Type move.

3.)She will not be able to hit Ghost Type Pokemon with Normalize.

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I guess its the same for electric against ground or poison on steel...
I'm not understanding what you mean,Clarify a little more?
Every move becomes Normal type. If Earthquake is used, it becomes Normal type and it IS able to hit Flying types.
Jcm who are you telling thaat comment to?I understand the trait Normalize.