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Can anyone tell me how to properly EV train Haxorus. Like how much vitamins should give it and which ones do i use? Also what Nature should it have?

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I'd suggest 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd with a Jolly Nature.
Give it 10 Protein and 10 Carbos.
Now, EV train. I'd suggest holding a Macho Brace.
In Unova, beat these Pokemon while holding Macho Brace, using Haxorus (Thinking of common Pokemon):

  • 1 Audino
  • 38 Herdier
  • 38 Emolga / Liepard

If you don't have a Macho Brace:

  • 2 Audino
  • 76 Herdier
  • 76 Emolga / Liepard

Another one is 36 HP / 252 Atk / 220 Spd
Give it 3 HP Ups, 10 Proteins, and 10 Carbos.
With Macho Brace:

  • 2 Audino
  • 38 Herdier
  • 30 Emolga / Liepard


  • 3 Audino
  • 76 Herdier
  • 60 Emolga / Liepard
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Is there any other spread for a Haxorus??
That's the best one.
i always thought it was the only one.
I edited one more in.
Where's the Staller variant? xP
Staller Haxorus?? I think you have him confused Archeops
Ok last question on the ev training do i start from lvl 1 and do i fight 38 herdiers and liepards every lvl or just once? Please help that part confuses me.
All you have to do is keep on fighting them. That's it.
And you said jolly is the best nature? What about adament nature?