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I went south (where Hugh went) through the cave and came out back in Undella Town again. Now I've tried every route but they are blocked off by various people.

Where do I go next?

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OK I figured this one out. At some point Terrakion appeared on Route 22 to the west of Humilau City, even though I swear I'd been through there since beating the gym.

Anyway, when you approach Terrakion, Colress appears and gives you a device which will wake up Crustle in the cave south of Route 22. Then the next part of the story is out to the east of the cave...

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You're supposed to follow Marlon and Hugh down on Route 21.

Source (Look at bottom)

That is where I went. That route leads to the cave that goes through to Undella Bay. I've fully explored the route and the cave, the only place I couldn't go is out a door that a Crustle is blocking (he won't move).

P.S. I removed "spoiler"as if it's about BW2, clearly it would be a spoiler. We don't need to label everything, as long as questions are clearly about BW2.
are you people fluent japanese speakers because because i am pretty sure the game hasnt came out in usa or england
they have the japanese hard copy i think :D
Yes I have the Japanese version. 90% of the game is dead easy to progress through, you just try all the routes until you get where you need to.