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They both have Wish and Heal Bell which is what I look for. However, Lickilicky has better all around stats, including Attack so it can actually do some damage, and a phazing move. Does Audino have any redeeming qualities or is it just completely outclassed?


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Yes Lickilicky has better stats, but abilities? I'm pretty sure Cloud Nine is illegal, so it has to use Own Tempo, which is not the best ability since not many people will waste a turn to confuse you. The only time is when they use DynamicPunch, and you might be dead then. Of course, you could use Oblivious, but who uses attract these days? And I don't see many people using captivate either.
>One might also argue that Audino is outclassed by Lickilicky, but that's not entirely true. Audino has a much better ability in Regenerator, and niche moves in Trick Room and Healing Wish. -Smogon

Audino's Regenerator is much more useful. Switch out with some damage and come back nice and healthy.

Basically the only good thing in Audino is having regenerator, though. They both are frail to the common Sawk, Gurdurr, Machoke, etc.

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