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There was an Event in Japan that let people get Speed Boost Torchics in the Dream World in Japan. They could have been traded via GTS negotiations.

Pokesav, PokeGTS, Action Replay, or PokeGen.

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Uh Mew you just said exactly what I said but confirmed the event thing.
I was answering slowly, I was battling and answering at the same time. So, I didn't see your answer.
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Pokegen or Pokesav so in other words they hack

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That is not his question.
oh my bad
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They probably used AR to hack the game or Pokegen/Pokegts. Also if I recall correctly there was a special event in Japan when B/W was first released, but I could be wrong about that.

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Do you guys know if there will be an event for speed boost blaziken anytime soon?
theres no information on it yet but its possible