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Does anyone know if the Luxury Balls only work with original trainer or does the effect pass 2 a traded player? I have the old DS Lite so I have Pokemon Sapphire and am going back thru catching all the Pokemon in Luxury Balls so I can transfer them 2 my Pokemon Diamond.

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Okay, You're getting confused. A luxury ball doubles the happiness value of the pokemon when caught. So normally, a pokemon is caught with 70(?) happiness but if you caught it with a Luxury ball, it would be caught at 140 happiness. Trading a pokemon will reset the value to 0 regardless of any other factor. So in your case, the pokemon migrated to Diamond will have 0 Happiness.

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whoops, i thought he meant holding the balls as items.
BTW, nice, a clean 10,000.
Lol, yeah. I just edited my profile.
ok, I thought the luxury ball gradually raised their happiness a lil more than normal when being used, so it doesn't do that and using the Luxury Balls will not help any when transfered 2 Diamond?
No, they will only increase the base happiness of the pokemon when caught so catching them with a luxury ball will not help. And did someone purposely downvote me so I don't have a clean 10,000? lol.
thank u very much 4 ur answer.  Not the answer I wanted 2 hear as I wasted alot of money on Luxury Balls but thank u none the less.  lol