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So I've been playing on a ROM of White 2 ( so awesome )... and I really want Flareon.

The most info I was able to get was that I needed to down in the desert ._.



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In Desert Resort, it's:
>South of Backpacker Haruko (hidden) -Bulbepedia

So just use the Dowsing Machine until you find it.
In Yamaji Town, it's:
>On the hill north of the Pokémon Center -Bulbepedia

Well. this one is easy enough to find.
Hope This Helped :D

thank you SO much! found it in the desert ;D
no problem :D happy to help
Got my vote too :D
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Places to find in B/W 2:

  • Yamaji Town
  • Desert Resort

Source: Bulbapedia/Fire Stones

Hope I Helped Ya!

I already knew that.. :\

i was asking WHERE in the desert resort. the desert resort is huge.
Oh, I can't tell you that I haven't beat Lenora yet :|
I just got a ROM Version Yesterday lol ;)
Though use this http://pokemondb.net/location/unova-desert-resort
It might not help but ;)