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Say I have a Slaking that knows Sucker Punch and Facade. My foe has the ability Forewarn. Will Sucker Punch or STAB Facade be picked up? Also, what if there are no attacking moves? Will Dragon Rage get picked up over say Tackle (or other moves that do less than 40 damage.)? What if the move is Hidden Power, is that a good way to determine the power of your Hidden Power? What about Seismic Toss on a level 96 that also has Flamethrower? Many questions on Forewarn.


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STAB is not taken into account, it's just the pure base power. hidden power does have a set power based off of IVs, and can be determined with the IV calculator. If 2 moves have the same power, one is randomly selected.


What about my other questions:

No attacking moves
Dragon Rage
Seismic Toss
No attacking moves: since they have no base powr, nothing will happen it will say the foe has no attacking moves or something along that line.

set damage moves:all are assigned a base power of 80.

So Sonicboom could be used to trick a foe with Forewarn?
Yep. since it is considered a base of 80. as long as your other moves are weaker. Thought I'd join in on the fun, so I looked this up too.
Houndoom is right.