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After you defeat or capture the Sudowoodo on Route 36, A man will say he was entertained by the battle and give you a few berries, on of them being Oran, he will also give you an item that you plant berries in it to make more berries. There is also a man in Violet City by the pokemon center that will give you berries for Shards, I believe that if you give him a Red one, he will give you a Oran Berry among other types of berries.

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also you can buy fertilizer to make the berries grow faster
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Because you find apricorns instead of berries, to get berries you will need to find a pokemon with pickup(linoone/phanpy) and your pokemon with the ability pickup will occasionally receive berries and other items if an item is not already being held.

To my knowledge berries are not found in hgss without the ability pickup.

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Oran Berries can be obtained in numerous ways!;)

  • You can head to route 1 and catch the Sentrets that lie on that route.When you are done catching a few head to a Poke'center and activate the inbox.Click the move items and an abundance of the Sentrets should have an Oran berry.
  • Another way(one time only)is when heading to Ecruteak after beating Whitney and obtaining the squirt bottle and heading to route 36 there you spray the 'odd tree'.After defeating the Sudowoodo(odd tree) a young girl will come up to you saying you put up quite a show.She will then give you berry pots and three Oran berries and Pecha berries.
  • The last way is to plant Oran berries in the berry pots the girl gives you.Just tap the pot and select The Oran berries.Water them occasionally and then after 16 hours they will grow more Oran berries(minimum 2 maximum 5).Good luck!:D
    Ps-If you smash jagged rocks and get lucky you might find a blue(colors vary)shards you can turn them in to a man in Violet(and Fuschia in Kanto after beating elite four)He will give you an entire set of berries!^_^
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