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My rhyperior has a jolly nature and i ev trained her in speed and her speed is 196. She also has solid rock and 434 hp, 342 attk, 328 def and 209 sp.def. i would like to know what moves to teach her cause of her speed.


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I recommend, as it's Jolly and EV trained in speed, the following:

  • Rock Polish
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake
  • Megahorn

Standard rock polish sweeper. Stone Edge and Earthquake are obvious STAB, and Megahorn for high powered coverage that also hits Grass types.

There are a lot more good movesets here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/7347/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-rhyperior

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Thank u very much ^_^ i wonder whats the highest speed for rhyperior is?
196 is the max speed of Rhyperior.
Wait? Mines the fastest rhyperior?