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I'm going to open this up by saying: No, It's not a good move.
Now everyone is probably thinking: What the heck Kingdra? 140 Base Power! STAB! Even Pidgeot can learn it! -_-. No one even uses Pidgeot as far as I'm concerned.
Sky Attack may have great power, and with STAB even more power, but has eveyrone forgotten that it's a two turn attack? Someone can easily switch into an Electric or another Flying type to absorb the hit. Plus, it's accuracy isn't very good. You may think 80 is a good base accuracy, but don't forget it's nearly in the Blizzard/Thunder/Focus Blast -70 section. Now I'm probably going to get a comment back saying something like: Sky Attack is the best flying move! On power it is, but no, no no no. For Example, Air Slash may only have 75 base power, but it can deliver great hits, and flinches. I just think Sky Attack isn't worth anyone's time. Sorry.

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The only thing you can ever see it being used on is Unfezent, who doesn't get Brave Bird.
Then again, the last time an Unfezent was used in competitive was probably a year ago when I used it on my NU team. So you'll never see Sky Attack.
Also, Pluck is also usually used over Sky Attack. Just some people find Pluck too weak.
@trachy I guess it depends on what you use it with. Example, with the Braviary that I have, Brave Bird wouldn't do so well because I have Life Orb and I'm going to get serious recoil. It would be better off with Sky Attack with the boost from Sheer Force and no recoil from Life Orb.
Uhh why not use Sheer force AND Brave bird. No from Life orb. While Sky Attack would hit very hard Braviary needs to hit as often as possible as he has average speed and unimpressive bulk.
@Speed Freak Thanks for the input. I might reconsider the changes.
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sky attack is a very risky move :

even though it very powerfull it has a great cost - you will have to give away one turn to charge it.
so using sky attack right really depends on what pokemon you will give it to if its a bulkey pokemon that can survive a good hit and has a decent attack stat such as skarmory you can definetlly pull it off but if its a flying pokemon with poor defences like a lot of the flying type pokemon you better leave that move and go for something a little less risky

Nice to see ya back,Charizard.its been a long time.