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Just encountered this guy with Bonemerang and it made me realize that i could replace Earthquake.


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I'll be the Devil's Advocate here.

Both moves have a power of 100, but Bonemerang has an Accuracy of 90, which is not horrible.

Here is something Bonemerang can do that Earthquake can't: Break through Subs and cause damage and break through Focus Sash. It's the same reason i put Dual Chop on my Haxorus instead of Dragon Claw: Same Power with added effect.

I would use Bonemerang.

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I agree. Especially considering most Pokemon with Sturdy are x2 or x4 weak to Ground.
Just noticed this. You deserve my BA.
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I would use earthquake because bonemerang has not so reliable accuracy but the two hits of bonemerang has a chance to be a critical hit which could do more damage

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Earthquake has the normal chance of having a Crit....
im talking about bonemerang
Bonemerang is a better move but the lower accuracy can really be a pain.