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I am new and since now i only thought natures and EV's were just for show and not have meaning. so can some explain and make it simple please :)


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EVs are basically what you get by battling certain Pokemon. They determine the stats you get in what stat when you level up.
Ex: My Oshawott battles a Lillipup. Lillipup gives one Attack EV, so I get one if I defeat Lillipup. Four EVs give you one more point in that stat, so if I battle four Lillipups and lvel up, I'll get one attack point.

Natures are just stat boosters, but they work differently. They are determined randomly*. Each nature increases one stat and decreases another.
Ex: Adamant increases attack and decreases special attack.

Some natures increase and decrease the same stat, such as Hardy. therefore, there is no change in stats.

*If a Pokemon with synchronize is at the front of your party, and you find a wild Poekmon, that Pokemon is mroe likely to have the same nature as the Synchronize Pokemon.

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Effort Values (EVs) are points that a Pokemon earns after a Pokemon
battle. They are NOT to be confused with experience points. EVs are hidden values. The game will not tell you they exist.
Every Pokemon gives up to 3 EVs. The EVs can be rewarded to different stats. EVs can give you a hint in which stat(s) a Pokemon is the strongest at. For example, Politoed gives 3 EVs for Special Defense, but Boldore gives 1 Attack and 1 Defense.
For every 4 EVs a Pokemon gains for a stat, that stat will gain 1 point at level 100. Therefore EVs are important for stat growth. Wild Pokemon have no EVs invested, so trained Pokemon are much stronger.
A Pokemon can have 510 EVs invested at maximum. A Pokemon only needs 252 EVs in a stat for it to achieve maximum, but it needs a perfect IV well (IVs are not to be discussed here).
In conclusion, EVs are important for a Pokemon's stats.

Natures are different. A nature boosts one stat by 10% and hinders another by 10%. There are 25 natures in all. 5 of them do not affect any stats. Max HP is not affected by any natures.

I hope this helped :-)